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...for specialist disposal firms, sorting plants, composting plants, container services, the agriculture, waste tips, loading plant, horticultural and landscaping industries, port plants, communes, state and federal government departments, building contractors, the industry of building materials and the private sector.

Wherever bulk goods have to be stored separately the MULTIBLOC system solves the problem of separating materials in a sturdy yet flexible manner. It is now possible to dispense with foundations for masonry walls or steel pillar systems.

The shapes and sizes of the boxes can easily and rapidly be altered to accommodate a change in requirements. With MULTIBLOC you can even move premises, if you are operating on rented working areas.

For all firms requiring storage facilities MULTIBLOC offer a solution to the problem of partition walls through a simple box construction, which is easy to alter. The industry of building materials, building contractors, fuel merchants, container services, industrial firms, concrete works, the mining industry, port plants, recycling and sorting plants, timber yards, agricultural co-operatives, the horticultural and landscaping industry and companies connected with agriculture depend upon the orderly separation of bulk goods, raw materials, waste, intermediate products etc.

The MULTIBLOC wall - either permanent or temporary - is a very effective solution for providing sound insulation or visual protection, as a fire-prevention wall, for flood protection or as a supporting wall, e.g. in the construction of embankments.

Boxes and walls made from MULTIBLOC may be used in the development of large garages, halls, drive-through silos, torage areas, tool-sheds, machinery houses and vehicle depots, property boundaries with roofing, protective barriers and gates. The system described is, therefore, also of use in the private sector.

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